Incoloy Round Bars  

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Incoloy 800 Round Bars are nickel-iron-chromium alloy 800 introduced to the market in the 1950s to fill the need for a heat- and corrosion-resistant alloy with a relatively low nickel content.From past 40 years it has been widely used for its strength at high temperatures and its ability to resist oxidation, carburization, and other types of high-temperature corrosion. Applications of Incoloy UNS N08800 Round Bars r include furnace components and equipment, petrochemical furnace cracker tubes, pigtails and headers, and sheathing for electrical heating elements.

Incoloy 800 Round Bar

Incoloy Round Bars

Alloy 800 Square Bar

Alloy 800 Square Bars

Alloy 800 Hex Bar

Alloy 800 Hex Bar

ASTM B408 Incoloy 800 Flat Bar & Alloy 800 Cold Drawn Round Bar Exporter in India.

The Incoloy Alloy 800 Bright Bar is the result of years of monitoring and maintaining the ultimate chemical properties for high-temperature strength and resistance to oxidation, carburization and other types of high-temperature corrosion.

Incoloy Alloy 800 Rods meets all the requirements for UNS N08811 and N08810 (alloy 800H) and can be certified to either or both UNS numbers. INCOLOY 800HT UNS N08811 has higher maximum allowable design stresses than UNS N08810. Therefore, other materials produced to UNS N08810 alloy 800H cannot be certified as UNS N08811 unless they meet the additional requirements for this designation. Inconel 800 Round Bar is result of years of monitoring and maintaining by VIWADIA Metal Corporation the ultimate properties in this series of alloys.

Incoloy UNS N08800 Round Bars are widely used material for construction of equipment requiring corrosion resistance, heat resistance, strength, and stability for service up to 1500°F (816°C). B408 Inconel 800 Polish Bar offers general corrosion resistance to many aqueous media and, by virtue of its content of nickel, resists stress corrosion cracking. At higher temperatures it offers resistance to oxidation, carburization, and sulfidation along with rupture and creep strength for applications needing greater resistance to stress rupture and creep at temperatures above 1500°F (816°C).

These Top Quality High Incoloy 800 Alloy Spring Steel Bars have set the industry standard in high temperature applications requiring optimum creep and rupture properties. The carbon 0.05% to 0.10% is within the ASTM and ASME specification limits for alloy 800 and is in the upper portion of that range.

The limiting chemical composition of ASME SB 408 Incoloy 800 Forged Round Bars are as shown below in Table. The presence of chromium in the alloy imparts both aqueous and heat resistance. Iron provides resistance to internal oxidation. The nickel content maintains a ductile, austenitic structure. Thus, ASTM B408 Incoloy Alloy 800 Rod is readily formed, welded, and machined.

800 Incoloy Threaded Bars & 800 Alloy Spring Steel Bars Manufacturer in India.

Incoloy Round Bar specification

Inconel round bar
Inconel round bar size
  • 5 mm to 500 mm
800 Inconel  hex bar size
800 Inconel hex bar size
  • 2mm ~ 100mm
 AMS 5766 cold finished round bar
Hardness range of AMS 5766 cold round bar
  • 184 HB
2.4602 Hastelloy C22billet
Inconel alloy 800 billet temperature range
  • 1500°F (816°C)
Nickel C22 angle bar
ASTM B408 angle bar size
  • 3*20*20mm ~ 12*100*100mm
Haynes Alloy C22 rounds
Werkstoff NR. 1.4876 rounds melting point
  • 1357 °C – 1385 °C
Inconel 1.4876 polished bar
Inconel 1.4876 polished bar heat treatment
  • Solution Annealed
  • Annealed
Inconel alloy 800
Inconel alloy 800 rod ASTM Standard
  • ASTM B408
  • ASME SB408
metric stainless steel bar
Manufacturing Methods of UNS 8800 bar
  • Rolled,Forged
  • Cold drawn
  • Grinding
ASME SB 408 bar
ASME SB 408 bar finish
  • Hot rolled pickled
  • Cold drawn
  • Bright
  • Sand blasting
  • Hairline
  • Black
  • Polishing
Inconel 1.4876round bar
Inconel 1.4876 round bar marking
  • Material Grade
  • Heat Number
  • Nominal Size
  • Specification
  • Method of Manufacturing
  • Schedule or Wall Thickness
NW 6022 bar
DIN 1.4876 bar stock value added services
  • Heat Number
  • Specification
  • Material Grade
  • Nominal Size
  • Schedule or Wall Thickness
  • Method of Manufacturing

ASTM B408 Incoloy 800 Bars Equivalent Grades

Incoloy 800 1.4876 N08800 ЭИ670 Z8NC32-21 NCF 800 NA 15 X10NiCrAlTi32-20 XH32T

Incoloy 800 Round, Bright, Hex, Threaded Bar Chemical Composition

Grade Ni Cr Fe Mb Ti Cu Mn C S Al Al + Ti
Incoloy 800 30.0 - 35.0 19.0 - 23.0 39.5 min - 0.15 - 0.60 - - 0.10 max - 0.15 -0.60 3.15 - 4.15

Incoloy 800 Round Bars Mechanical Properties

Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
7.94 g/cm3 1385 °C (2525 °F) Psi – 75,000 , MPa – 520 Psi – 30,000 , MPa – 205 30 %
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